Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi

When is Ganesh Chaturthi 2022?

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations

Popularly known as Ganesh Chaturthi, this festival celebrates the Hindu god of wisdom and success, Lord Ganesh. According to the Hindu tradition, Ganesh is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and is depicted with an elephant’s head on a human body. Considering that Ganesh is one of the most popular Hindu gods, it is widely celebrated across India.

How many days is Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated?

Usually, Vinayaka Chaturthi is observed between a period of 1-11 days. The number of days may, however, differ from one region to another. The last day is usually set aside for a farewell procession of Lord Ganesh.

When is Vinayaka Chaturthi 2020?

Vinayaka Chaturthi festival falls between Mid August and Mid September. Usually, the Vinayaka Chaturthi festival is observed in the Bhadra month according to the Hindu calendar. Vinayaka Chaturthi 2020 will be on Saturday, 22nd August 2020.

Is Vinayaka Chaturthi a public holiday?

Vinayaka Chaturthi is not a public holiday in India. It is a restricted holiday observed only in select states such as Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Goa, Telangana, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, and Karnataka. Even in these states, most employers do not grant a day off. However, the Indian labor laws allow employees to take leave on a limited number of holidays from the optional holidays list.

What is open or closed on Vinayaka Chaturthi?

Considering that Vinayaka Chaturthi is not a public holiday, businesses run as usual. Government offices, businesses, schools, and public transports operate normally.

Why do we celebrate Vinayaka Chaturthi?

Lord Ganesh is the symbol of intelligence, wisdom, prosperity, and wealth. During the Vinayaka Chaturthi festival, Hindus seek his blessings with the belief that he can remove obstacles hindering success, especially for people venturing into new businesses. Moreover, Lord Ganesh is celebrated as the one who gives fortune, wades off natural calamities, and the patron of traveling.

Things to do on Vinayaka Chaturthi?

Although the observance is similar, celebrations are observed differently across the various Indian states and territories. Local authorities usually set up decorated tents and install them with Ganesh clay idols in public places to view and pay homage.

If you are home during the festivities, you can buy Lord Ganesh idol and worship him at the home temple for the 10 days festival. It’s however, necessary to note the rituals you need to follow if placing the statue in your home. Ensure all your family members take a bath before starting on any ritual during the Vinayaka Chaturthi festival. Remember to have the trunk of Lord Ganesh facing to the left since the right side is considered inauspicious. It’s a tradition to cover the head with a red coloured or gold-bordered cloth.

You can mark this holiday by participating in the Lord Ganesh farewell procession. Usually, the procession is on the 11th day of the festival. The Ganesh idol is carried in a procession through the streets as people chant bhajans, shloks, and songs. The idol is later immersed in a river or the sea. Immersing the idol in water symbolizes the end of the festival and indicates Lord Vinayak going back to his heavenly abode after a 10 day stay with his devotees. It is common for people to seek forgiveness and request god to help them remain righteous.

You could also invite friends over to your home and enjoy a feast of modak, laddoo, barfi, pedha, and sundal. These foods are believed to be Lord Ganesh’s favourite.

Ganesh Chaturthi Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 7 Sep Sat Vinayaga Chathurthi
2024 6 Sep Fri Ganesh Puja
2024 26 Aug Mon Ganesh Chaturthi
2023 19 Sep Tue Vinayaga Chathurthi
2022 9 Sep Fri Vinayaka Chaturthi
2022 31 Aug Wed Ganesh Chaturthi
2022 21 Aug Sun Vinayaka Chaturthi
2021 10 Sep Fri Vinayaka Chaturthi
2021 10 Aug Tue Vinayaka Chavithi
2020 17 Sep Thu Ganesh Chaturthi
2020 24 Aug Mon Vinayaka Chavithi
2020 22 Aug Sat Vinayaka Chaturthi
2019 2 Sep Mon Vinayaka Chaturthi
2019 24 Aug Sat Vinayaka Chavithi

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