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Religious Holidays

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India is a multi-religious nation with all the multiple religions coexisting together. Eighty percent of the Indian population observe Hinduism, making it the most dominant religion in the country. Other religions include Islam, Sikh, Christianity, Jewish, Jain, Buddhist, Ravidassia, and Parsee. Each of these groups marks their holidays at different times of the year.

Hindu festivals are mostly of mythological and seasonal significance. However, the symbols used and their attachments may vary from one Indian region to another. The most celebrated Hindu holiday is Bhogi, also called Lohri. The celebrations are marked countrywide with plenty of dances, shouts and other festivities.

Islamic holidays and festivals are often based on the moon's local sightings, and the dates when each holiday is observed vary every year. Most of the Sikh holidays and celebrations are Gurpurbs and anniversaries of a guru's birth or death. As for Christians, their holidays are similar to those observed across the world.