Republic Day

Republic Day

When is Republic Day 2022?

Republic Day Celebrations

Republic Day for India commemorates the date the constitution of India came into effect. It is also called R Day and one of the four national holidays celebrated in India.

When is Republic Day?

Republic Day is observed on January 26th every year. The date coincides with the time in 1950 when India's constitution came into force, thus completing the republic's transition towards becoming an independent nation.

Is Republic Day a public holiday?

Republic Day is a gazetted national holiday in India and, therefore, time off to the general public. According to the Indian labour laws, employers are required to give their employees a day off unless the contract between them states otherwise.

What is open or closed on the republic holiday?

Being a public day, business operations are slow throughout the day. Government offices, schools, organisations, banks, post offices, and most businesses remain closed. Some stores may, however, open but on reduced hours. The transport system is not majorly affected as most people travel to various towns for celebrations. There might be heavy traffic though due to parades and the increased security in the different cities where the celebrations are taking place.

Things to do on Republic Day?

Republic Day is marked with parades, patriotic songs, and exhibitions celebrating the Indian cultural unity. Large military parades with representatives from the Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy are organized in New Delhi and other state capitals. The streets are decorated with Republic Day images and lights to give the day a positive mood. To show loyalty to your country, attend one of these parades and have fun watching the traditional dance troupes also participate in the celebrations.

You could also plan on attending the largest parade held in New Delhi, where the prime minister leads the Indian citizens in laying a wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate to commemorate the fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the Republic of India. The president then takes a military salute during the parade, and a republic Day speech is given by a foreign head of state who is usually the chief guest for the day.

If you love hiking and trekking, use your day off to discover India's wonders and hidden beauty. You could even add a twist to your hike by climbing one of the hills to the highest peaks and then hoist the flag at the top.

Since most of your loved ones will be free on this day, invite them for a feast. You can prepare a variety of Indian dishes and share sweets as you watch a good movie or listen to various Indian artists' classical melodies.

As you go along with your celebrations, please remember that the Republic holiday is a dry day in India, and the sale of alcohol is not allowed.

Republic Day Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 26 Jan Fri Republic Day
2023 26 Jan Thu Republic Day
2022 26 Jan Wed Republic Day
2021 26 Jan Tue Republic Day
2020 26 Jan Sun Republic Day
2019 26 Jan Sat Republic Day

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