When is Muharram 2022?

Muharram Celebrations

Muharram is an Arabic word meaning forbidden and derived from harām to mean sinful. Also called Al-Hijra, Muharram is the first month in the Islamic calendar. It is the second most important and sacred month after Ramadan. All Muslims across the world celebrate Muharram as it marks the beginning of a new Islamic year.

When is Muharram?

The dates when Muharram is observed changes every year. This is because Islam follows a lunar calendar as opposed to the solar-based Gregorian calendar. The most significant time is Ashura, the 10th day of Muharram. The Sunni Muslims celebrate Moses' victory over the Pharaoh in Egypt while the Shia Muslims mourn Husayn Ibn Ali, the son of prophet Mohamed. Muharram 2020 starts on Tuesday, August 20.

Is Muharram/Ashura a public holiday?

Ashura is a gazetted public holiday in India. The rest of the Muharram month is a typical working day for everyone.

What is open or closed on Muharram/Ashura?

On the Day of Ashura, government offices, banks, post offices, and the majority of organisations remain closed. Islamic stores and businesses may reduce their operating hours for the entire month of Muharram. If using public transport, you might need to contact the local transport authorities for any changes in the timetable. Expect heavy traffic, especially around mosques and areas with a high Muslim population.

Things to do on Muharram/Ashura?

Muharram and Ashura are observed by all Muslims though in different ways. As a Shia Muslim, this is a mourning period as you remember the martyrdom of Prophet Mohammed's son. You will need to submit your prayers while wearing black clothes from Muharram's first night to the tenth day. The black colour denotes grieving. On Ashura, you can take part in street processions while walking barefoot and singing and suppurating loudly as a way of mourning Hussayn.

You can also attend the Mosque and listen to the sorrowful and poetic lamentations in memory of Hussayn. Scholars also give sermons based on the history, uprising, and the personality of Hussain and his position in Islam.

Considering that this is a time of mourning, you must refrain from all merrymaking and joyous activities. So, no parties or festive meals should be served on this day. After the grief, you can break the fast by cooking a delicious meal such as sweet rice, share with family members, and spend time with loved ones.

On the other hand, if you are a Sunni Muslim, this is a time of peace and reflection. Sunni Muslims celebrate Moses for his bravery in delivering Israelites from Egypt. Sunni Muslims believe that Moses fasted on this day to show his gratitude to God. It is therefore vital that you fast on the day of Ashura and spend the day worshipping and submitting your prayers to God. According to the teachings of Prophet Muhammed, fasting on the day of Ashura wipes off all the sins of the previous years.

Muharram Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 17 Jul Wed Muharram
2024 15 Jul Mon Muharram
2024 7 Jul Sun Hijra - Islamic New Year
2023 29 Sep Fri Moharam
2023 29 Aug Tue Muharram
2023 28 Aug Mon Muharram (Ashoora)
2023 29 Jul Sat Muharram
2023 28 Jul Fri Ashura
2023 19 Jul Wed Hijra - Islamic New Year
2022 30 Aug Tue Moharum
2022 9 Aug Tue Muharram
2022 8 Aug Mon Day of Ashura / Muharram
2022 7 Aug Sun Ashoora
2022 30 Jul Sat Muharram
2021 20 Aug Fri Shahadat Imam Hussain (R.A) 10th Moharam
2021 19 Aug Thu Muharram
2021 18 Aug Wed Day of Ashura / Muharram
2021 10 Aug Tue Muharram
2021 9 Aug Mon Hijra - Islamic New Year
2020 10 Sep Thu Last Day of Moharamm
2020 30 Aug Sun Muharram
2020 20 Aug Thu Hijra - Islamic New Year
2019 10 Sep Tue Muharram
2019 9 Sep Mon Day of Ashura / Muharram
2019 31 Aug Sat Hijra - Islamic New Year

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