Easter Monday

Easter Monday

When is Easter Monday 2022?

Easter Monday Eggs

Easter Monday is the last day after a four-day weekend break coming after Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The holiday is celebrated as a day off in England, Wales and Northern Ireland but not in Scotland.

When is Easter Monday, 2021?

The Easter Monday holiday date changes every year, and the Christian Ecclesiastical Calendar determines it, but the holiday is always between 22nd March and 25th April. Easter Monday 2021 will be observed on 5th April. Years back, Easter was a week-long holiday, but this has since been reduced to just a one-day holiday.

Is Easter Monday a bank holiday?

Easter Monday is a bank holiday that is marked as a day off across the UK except in Scotland. According to the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971, Easter Monday was not among the listed bank holidays in Scotland. In 1996 however, Scottish banks changed their opening days to match those of the rest of the country. As a result, several other Scottish local authorities have enlisted Easter Monday as a public holiday in their localities.

What is open and closed on Easter Monday in the UK?

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, supermarkets, banks, schools, and government offices remain closed, and the transport system also operates at a reduced service. Most retail shops are open for the main part of the day, but they tend to close much earlier. In Scotland, Easter Monday is a typical working day for most of organisations.

Things to do on Easter Monday?

Easter Monday is the first bank holiday of the year to enjoy some spring weather and hence an excellent time for outdoor events. You can either visit your loved ones or simply take a trip to some key hotspot destinations in the country. To ensure that you secure accommodation at the best rates, just remember to make your plans early as many people are travelling during the Easter Monday UK breaks.

If you had already taken a short vacation for the long weekend, it’s time to travel back and get ready for your regular routine. If you had hosted family and friends, who live in another town, it is time to bid them goodbye. However, it doesn’t mean there is nothing more to do on this day.

In most towns, there are egg rolling competitions, special sports matches, Easter bonnet parades, and even displays of traditional Morris dances. Get to know what is happening near you and have fun.

If you live in Leicestershire, there is often a bottle kicking match held in the villages of Hallaton and Medbourne. The exciting game involves three wooden bottles barrels, two of which are filled with beer, and the third one is just solid wood. The game requires two teams to take turns and get the three bottles across two streams a mile apart. If this sounds like a game you would wish to take part in on Easter Monday, make plans in advance.

If you are a fun of Beatrix Potter series, consider taking part in the annual Easter egg hunts at the Peter Rabbit Garden. The event attracts many people who are often anticipating for prizes totalling up to $10,000. It is a lovely occasion for both children and adults.

Although Easter Monday is not a bank holiday in Scotland, it doesn’t mean that you should stay indoors all day long. The Floors Castle often hosts an annual egg and spoon race, bunny hop races, face painting,, and various other activities in the beautiful castle gardens. Similarly, the Island of Harris in Scotland holds an egg rolling competition where the participants are dared to roll their eggs down a hill. If the egg reaches the bottom of the hill unbroken, you are declared to have good luck in the remaining year.

Which are the Easter Monday traditions?

The most popular Easter traditions revolve around eggs. Eggs are believed to be a symbol of new life created during the Spring season. In the former times, people gave out birds’ eggs painted in bright patterns and colours. Although some people still engage in egg painting as a children activity, most kids are usually given gifts of cream filling and wrapped in silver or gold paper.

Another popular tradition involves rolling an egg downhill with the winner being the person with the last uncracked egg. Although the tradition is fading away, it is still popular in Lancashire. However, some people have altered the culture by hiding eggs in the garden and making children look for them.

Easter Monday Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 1 Apr Mon Easter Monday
2023 10 Apr Mon Easter Monday
2022 18 Apr Mon Easter Monday
2021 5 Apr Mon Easter Monday
2020 13 Apr Mon Easter Monday
2019 22 Apr Mon Easter Monday

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