When is Dussehra 2022?

Dussehra Celebrations

Otherwise referred to as Dusseha, Dasara, or Vijayadashami, the Dussehra festival is in celebration of legend Rama and Ravana, and it symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. It is one of the biggest festivals by the Hindu community in India.

What is the Dussehra festival?

Dussehra festival is observed to commemorate Lord Rama’s victory against the demon king Ravana of Lanka. It is believed that Rama had gone to rescue his wife from the mighty king Ravana. Lord Rama was accompanied by his brother Laxman and a troupe of monkeys, and together they fought and defeated Ravana in a war that lasted nine days. Since then, the DayDay was called Vijaydashmi or Dussehra, which means victory attained on the tenth DayDay.

When is Dussehra 2020?

Dussehra is observed at the end of Navratri, and the dates keep changing every year. The holiday is marked on the 10th Day of the bright half of the month of Ashvin, according to the Hindu Calendar. Dussehra 2020 will be marked on 25th October 2020.

Is Dussehra a public holiday?

Dussehra is a gazetted holiday in India and, therefore, a day off for the general population. Unlike many countries, if the holiday falls on a Sunday, it will not move to the next working day. Some companies may, however, at their discretion, give employees a day off on Monday.

What is open or closed on Dussehra?

Schools, government offices and most businesses are closed. However, if the holiday falls on a Sunday, some businesses may open their stores for a few hours and then remain closed on the following day, which is the observance day. If you wish to use the public transport, you might need to contact the local transport authorities to check on any changes on the timetables.

Things to do on Dussehra

Most Hindus celebrate Dussehra through holding special prayers, meetings and offering food to the gods in their homes and the temples. Outdoor fairs popularly called melas are very common as well as large parades with effigies of the Sri Lankan mythical king Ravana. Usually, these effigies are burnt as bonfires in the evening.

There are a variety of local events held for up to 10 days and open to the public. Performances of the Ramilla are very common in Northern India while the people in Bengal often prepare special foods such as Luchi and alur dom, a type of deep fried spiced potato. In Karnataka, there is a large festival and a procession of goddess Chamundeshwari mounted on elephants. While at it, the locals get to have their households and work-related tools such as books and vehicles blessed by the priests.

It is common for people to exchange leaves from the Shami tree as it is believed to symbolize the story of Pandavas brothers who were exiled in Mahabharata.

Dussehra is also a perfect time to start a new venture or project since many Hindus believe that a journey started during this period has great potential of prospering.

At home, you can celebrate Dussehra with your children by dressing them as various and help them perform various scenes from Rama using toy swords and masks portraying the characters. You could also take them to fairs as you teach them why Dussehra is celebrated.

Dussehra Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 13 Oct Sun Dussehra
2024 12 Oct Sat Dusshera
2024 11 Oct Fri Dussehra (Maha Ashtami)
2024 10 Oct Thu Dussehra (Maha Saptami)
2023 24 Oct Tue Dussehra / Dasara
2023 22 Oct Sun Dussehra (Maha Ashtami)
2023 21 Oct Sat Dussehra (Maha Saptami)
2023 15 Oct Sun Dusshera
2022 5 Oct Wed Dussehra / Dasara
2022 3 Oct Mon Dussehra (Maha Ashtami)
2022 2 Oct Sun Dussehra (Maha Saptami)
2022 5 Jul Tue Dussehra
2021 15 Oct Fri Dussehra / Dasara
2021 13 Oct Wed Dussehra (Maha Ashtami)
2021 12 Oct Tue Dussehra (Maha Saptami)
2020 26 Oct Mon Vijaya Dashami
2020 25 Oct Sun Dussehra / Dasara
2020 24 Oct Sat Dussehra (Maha Ashtami)
2020 23 Oct Fri Dussehra (Maha Saptami)
2020 22 Oct Thu Dasara
2020 8 Oct Thu Vijaya Dasami Dussehra
2019 8 Oct Tue Dussehra / Dasara

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