When is Christmas 2022?

Christmas Celebrations

Christians across the globe celebrate Christmas as the day Jesus Christ was born. Jesus Christ is believed to be the son of God who died for the salvation of all Christians. The day is observed across India in all states and union territories. However, the Christmas celebration is not very vibrant, considering the small number of Christians in India (about 2.3%).

Most Christians are in the states of Goa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Meghalaya, and Arunachal Pradesh.

When is Christmas Day?

Christmas is on 25th December every year. The Christmas festival begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and it is referred to as the Advent season.

Is Christmas Day a public holiday?

Christmas is among India's public holidays and a day off to the general population in all the states and union territories.

What opens or closes on Christmas Day?

Being a public holiday, most government offices, post offices, banks, schools, and businesses are closed. Some retail stores may, however, open but on reduced hours. Public transport may be slightly affected, especially in towns where there are large Christian communities.

Things to do on Christmas Day?

The celebration of Christmas is associated with various customs such as Christmas trees, the arrival of Santa Claus, and the exchange of Christmas gifts.

As a Christian, the best way to start the day is by attending a church service. Some roman catholic churches conduct a midnight mass while others welcome Christians for morning prayers. Churches are decorated with flowers and candles to create a positive mood for the day.

You could also invite family and friends and spend time with them. Make your meeting memorable by taking part in Christmas traditions such as feasting on special meals, wearing new clothes, singing Christmas carols, and decorating the house with Christmas trees, lights, and flowers. It is also a tradition to share a special set of sweets called kuswar with family, friends, and neighbours. You can also display small electric lamps or clay oil-burning lamps and decorate your home with bananas and mango leaves.

Christmas holiday is also the best time to discover the great wonders in India. You can visit the Cathedral church in Shillong and get to experience the oldest church in North East India. Mumbai is a great Christmas destination where you can tour the Church Gate, Hill Road, and visit various malls offering great Christmas discounts. Other places you can consider include Pondicherry, Lansdowne, and Kerala.

Christmas celebrations have recently also been adopted by non-Christians, and secular traditions have since been introduced. These include the exchanging of presents and the arrival of Santa Claus. Children often wake up to various gifts tucked in their bedside, and they are made to believe that Santa Claus dropped them at night.

Christmas Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 25 Dec Wed Christmas
2024 24 Dec Tue Christmas Eve
2023 25 Dec Mon Christmas
2023 24 Dec Sun Christmas Eve
2022 26 Dec Mon Christmas Festival
2022 25 Dec Sun Christmas
2022 24 Dec Sat Christmas Eve
2021 27 Dec Mon Christmas
2021 26 Dec Sun Christmas Festival
2021 25 Dec Sat Christmas
2021 24 Dec Fri Christmas Eve
2020 27 Dec Sun Christmas Holiday
2020 26 Dec Sat Christmas Festival
2020 25 Dec Fri Christmas
2020 24 Dec Thu Christmas Eve
2019 27 Dec Fri Christmas Holiday
2019 26 Dec Thu Christmas Festival
2019 25 Dec Wed Christmas
2019 24 Dec Tue Christmas Eve

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December 25, 2022

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Last Year Sunday, 24 Dec, 2023
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